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Recent Acting Credits

Oct. 2011: Midnight at Archon- TICC at Archon 34 in St. Louis, Stage: Jules Verne.
May 2011: Flee
- TICC at DemiCon XX11 in Des Moines; Stage: Human High School Student
Oct. 2010: Zombie Hunter D- TICC at Archon 33 in St. Louis; Stage: D.
May 2010: TICC After Dark Redux- TICC at DemiCon XXI in Des Moines; Stage: Buck Naked, Father, Seaman, Joe,
May 2010: Zombie Hunter D- TICC at DemiCon XXI in Des Moines; Stage: D.
Nov. 2009: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead- Theatre... for a Change in Des Moines; Stage: Tragedian & Horatio.
Oct. 2009: Boverine-
TICC at Archon 32 in St. Louis; Stage: Boverine.
Sept. 2009: Janie Jones (Movie)- Unified Pictures; Film: Featured Extra- Pawn Shop Patron / Bonded Ex-Con
July 2009: Office 07 Overview- ITS at Iowa State (Creative Servces); OnLine Video: Host and Presenter.
May 2009: Quantum of Sobriety-
TICC at DemiCon XX in Des Moines; Stage: Mr. G
Oct. 2008: The LIfe and Times of Hugo Mitty- TICC at Archon 32 in St. Louis; Stage: Hugo Mitty
May 2008: TICC After Dark IV- Fhananova-
TICC at DemiCon XIX in Des Moines; Stage: Old Fhananova
May 2008: Harry Potted and the Deathly Stenches-
TICC at DemiCon XIX in Des Moines; Stage: Sock Puppet Theatre (Evil Henchman Puppet) & Passerby #1
April 2008: South Dakota (Movie)-
Lionheart Movies; Film: Featured Extra- Bus Passenger.
Jan. 2008: The Whipping Boy- Des Moines Playhouse; Stage: Petunia, The Bear.
Aug. 2007: TICC'd Off: Take Two- TICC at ArchCon 2007 in St. Louis; Stage: Clark Johnson.
May 2007: Studio D on the DemiCon Strip at DemiCon XVIII in Des Moines; Stage/Musical Stage: James Koro (Famous Actor) and Prof. Peaslee in the Production Number.
Nov. 2006: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe- Des Moines Playhouse; Stage: Aslan's Followers/Witch's Army (Redeemed Man).
Oct. 2006: You Don't Know Jack- TICC at ArchCon 2006 in St. Louis; Stage- Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood).
Aug. 2006: Channel Surfer's Guide to the Galaxy, Third Edition- TICC at Los Angeles WorldCon; Stage: Arthur Dent.
July 2006: Serendipity - TICC at DemiCon XVII; Stage: Talcum "Tal" Reynolds.
May 2006: Winnie-the-Pooh- Des Moines Playhouse; Stage: Eeyore.
Oct. 2005: Pippi Longstocking- Des Moines Playhouse; Stage: Bloom, Sailor on the HopToad.
Sept 2005: Road to Madagascar- TICC at ArchCon 2005 in St. Louis; Stage- Julien- Lemur/King.
May 2005: The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)- Des Moines Playhouse; Stage: Daniel, Blood Bottler (Giant) and Head of Air Force.
April 2005: Seussical- Des Moines Playhouse; Stage: Chorus, Joey (the Who), Cadet, Hunter and a Hunch.
July 2004: SlimeCon 2004- CJOH, Ottawa, Canada; Convention: Appeared as Myself.
May 2004: Fnord of the Rings at DemiCon XV; Stage: Wylie Gandalf/Gandalf.
Oct. 2003: The League Of Extraordinarily CrazyFhen, TICC at ArchCon 2003 in St. Louis; Stage: Dr. Emmett Brown- Scientist/Inventor.


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