Actor / Video Production / Dance  



Joe studied Acting and was a Music/Piano minor while obtaining an undergraduate degree at Iowa State and Joe studied Dance / Modern Dance while obtaining his Master's degree at Iowa State.

Joe is currently a member of TICC - The Trans-Iowa Canal Company (Western Division). Previously Joe has been a member of the Theatre of Interactive Drama (Des Moines), Shakespeare on the Loose (Des Moines), Murder Mystery, Inc. (Minneapolis), Orchesis I and II (15 years/Iowa State University), and a mutli-year veteran of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival (Sir Edmund Symthe).

Joe received the "Faculty Award for Dance" in 1992 for his work as a dancer, choreographer, and business manager for the Orchesis I dance company at Iowa State. Joe was also part of the first modern dance piece to go to Nationals from Iowa State (1991). Joe studied modern/jazz/ballet for 10-15 years locally at Iowa State mainly under Laurie Sanda and Janice Baker, at two summer sessions of Glenn/Lund and Laura Glenn Performing Arts festival in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and at the Robert Thomas Dancenter.

Joe currently lives in Johnston, Iowa and earns a living as a Production Specialist / New Media Instructor at Iowa State University. In his spare time, Joe runs New Renaissance Video specializing in live dance / theatrical shoots. His current hobbies include tween series, writing science fiction, creating strange modern choreography, making Trans-Iowa podcasts from old show footage, and creating DVD set-top games.


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