Actor / Video Production / Dance  


General Information

Joe Struss is 52 years old, 6'1" and weighs around 215 pounds. German / Swedish Ethnicity. Joe has been active in local theatre for the last 25 years performing in over 100 character roles. He is best known locally for a ten year stint as Drosselmeyer in central Iowa's largest Nutcracker.

Joe has worked as an extra in several productions, is a regular with the Trans-Iowa Canal Company and with the Des Moines Playhouse and also has worked as a video specialist in the Creative Services unit at Iowa State. Joe also runs New Renaissance Video which is a small video produciton company specializing in dance recitals and live theatrical events.

Joe attempts to work as a "professionally" at least once or twice a year but as he lives in the midwest so this can be a bit of a challenge. Due to his theatrical background, Joe has a variety of costumes and props at his disposal. Please contact Joe directly if are interested in hiring him for a production or event.


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